Soound Bath

In these Sound Bath sessions, Martris will take you on a sound journey using a soft and soothing voice, shamanic drum, and singing bowls. Any Meditative concert/session has a different focus for the meditation practice. Humming and amplifying vocal yoga has been proven to increase oxygen in cells, support overall health and wellness in the body, increase levels of melatonin (a hormone that improves sleep), release endorphins (natural pain relievers), and a hormone that helps us feel good and creates trust between people - oxytocin. 

In addition, it increases a very important molecule of nitric oxide (NO), a small gas molecule that is essential for the healthy functioning of all organ systems. The meditative concert also called Soundbath is a concert and a session aimed towards deep relaxation that can help you to find peace and release deep-seated tensions in your body and mind. These sessions are particularly suitable for people who are dealing with tension, burnout, fears, and sleeping problems. A Sound Bath is a meditative sound experience in which participants “bathe” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various instruments, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and the human voice itself. 

"Researchers found that insomnia, anxiety, and negative moods can be significantly reduced after a healthy bathing session. Sound bath is combined with Soma Yoga Deep Release. Soma refers to deeply focused bodywork. Deep Release is a form of yoga that focuses on deep relaxation.  However, the idea is not to fall asleep, but to move on into a deeper state of relaxation. This allows the brain waves to slow down from Delta brain waves to Alpha and on to Theta and Delta."


Meditative concert (Soundbath)  includes:  

~ Gentle Yoga exercises to connect with your breath and body.

~ A guided Yoga session where you lie on the floor, wrapped in a warm blanket.

~ A breathwork with simple humming and gentle vocal yoga exercises. This is a relaxing and soothing experience, and you don't have to be a singer to hum and use tones and sounds. These gentle, simple sound healing exercises can be done by anyone.

It is also possible to book a Meditative concert for yourself or for a small group of people at a location of your choice. Concerts are tailor-made and may include meditation, breathwork, voice, yoga, and deep relaxation exercises. If you are interested and want to know more, you can contact me via the link below.

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