New Project Earth Chants CD

Earth Chants for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing with Healing Voice, Shamanistic drums, percussions, and sounds of nature 
 In the last couple of mounts, I have been working on my new music project with a wonderful music designer, composer, and pianist Sharon Stewart. The first track is ready and will be released in the next month. 
Nature: for me, it’s like magic and a mystery. Where the healing begins and it is completed. Like coming home. Where I feel truly alive - deeply connected to my self and to the Earth. In this first recording Tiho Spavaj,  I am particularly happy with the mesmerizing sounds of crickets in the background. They inspired us in creating a soft, and whispering like vocals in the ASMR fashion. It also inspired us in organizing vocals in a way that is free and spontaneous, yet organized, and cohesive: following the way cricket sounds are organized. I created this music peace as a meditative vocal healing improvisation that has two …


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"A journey home" 

Ballades of the East, a piece of original music by a singer-songwriter Martris and in collaboration with the pianist Rudjer Glavurtic, is a World Balkan music with piano and voice. In Ballades of the East through her poetry and melodies, through her writings and art, Martris is searching for identity and belonging. A deeper belonging that explores its culture of origin while at the same time questioning it in order to transcend its boundaries in the search of universal truth and understanding. 

“A mystical musical journey through myths and tales”

Ballades of the East is a multifaceted project that in its starting idea wishes to capture the essence of the culture and the music from the Balkan region. In exploring the “traditional” and moving further away from it, Martris and Rudjer are creating a unique twist of their personal interpretations and styles.

“Fairytales like songs with Eastern European melanch…


In collaboration with a pianist Sharon Stewart Ballades of the East concert
September 2020 "The Songs of Nature"  in Leidsehofjesconcerten, Leiden, Nederlands

The music by singer-songwriter Marina Trisic from Serbia in collaboration with pianist, composer, and poet Sharon Stewart from the USA, is contemporary world music with piano and voice inspired by East-European and Balkan folktales and ballads. Marina Trisic and Sharon Stewart invite you on a musical journey. These tales of nature, Ballades of the East (CD) are woven together by Marina and Sharon through folklore-inspired contemporary composition and improvisation combined with poetic interventions. With her heartfelt, tender yet deeply penetrating vocal sound, Marina seeks to express and share what she most likes to share: the deep intangible layers of her heart and soul. As she sings about the river, the storm, the mountain, or the winter, she seeks to bring us into profound contac…


Dreamy artworks from the CD "Ballades of the East" by Martris now available online. You can check the Bandcamp page of Martris for more info;  Or simply send a request through an email box on the left side.