CD Earth Chants

Marina Trisic Martris CD Earth Chants

Earth Chants 
with voice, percussions, and sounds of nature 
Marina Trisic in collaboration with Sharon Stewart 

Nature: for me, it’s like magic and a mystery. Where the healing begins and is completed. Like coming home. Where I feel truly alive - deeply connected to myself and to the Earth.
In this first recording Tiho Spavaj,  I am particularly drawn to the mesmerizing sounds of crickets in the background. They inspired us in creating soft and whispering vocals in the ASMR fashion. It also inspired us in organizing vocals in a way that is free and spontaneous, yet organized, and cohesive: following the way cricket sounds are organized. I created this music peace as a meditative vocal healing improvisation that has two parts in it. The first part is invigorating, shamanistic like vocal improvisation. Here I was inspired by the ethnic melodies of East Europe. The second part is more soothing and calming- dreamlike. The recording is called It’s called “Tiho Spavaj” freely translated to “ Sleep Softly”.  It represents an energetic transition from the day to the night. From the invigorating sun energy to the reflective and calming energy of the moon.

In collaboration with Sharon Stewart 

Sharon Stewart  ~ photo by David Berg 2016 all rights reserved
Sharon Stewart studied piano at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Music, and later completed a Masters in Music Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, where she focused on feminisms, improvisation, and technology in a music pedagogical practice. She has a private piano practice in Arnhem, creates (electroacoustic) sound works and installations, collaborates as a sound artist with various dancers, and serves as an Associate.

Editor of the Journal of Sonic Studies. Sharon studied with Pauline Oliveros and is currently one of the core teachers for the online Deep Listening certificate program for the Center for Deep Listening, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Works with dancers have been performed at festivals and other venues in Arnhem, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, The Hague (NL), Copenhagen (DE), and Marseilles (FR). Paying attention to dreams is a rich source for her in understanding her underlying and transform-ing/ational emotional states as well as providing a, sometimes astounding, source of raw materials. Field recordings form an inspirational basis for many of her compositions. The underlying motive is to share the wonder of opening to the sounds around us in an aware and playful manner.