Vocal and the visual artist, Marina Trisic Martris was exposed early to a broad spectrum of arts in Serbia, where she grew up. Upon moving to Nederland, she set on the path of studying Fine Arts and Theater, with singing as a major part of her professional development. Deeply inspired by the folk music from the Balkans where she comes from, Martris has published two CDs in collaboration with Rudjer Glavurtic and Sharon Stewart. Cd's Ballades of the East and Earth Chants can can be found on all the major world streaming services on line. With a folk harp player Hildegard Tummers, she is is forming a harp & voice duo - Hilmara, and they are preforming regularly throughout Nederland.

Marina Trisic Martris

Marina Trisic Martris CD Earth Chants

Marina Trisic Martris CD Ballades of the East