About Martris

Marina Trisic Martris

Singer-songwriter and artist, Marina Trisic Martris was exposed early to a broad spectrum of arts in Serbia, where she grew up. Upon moving to Nederland, she set on the path of studying fine arts and theater, with singing as a major part of her professional development. With her heartfelt, tender, yet deeply penetrating and vibrant vocal sound, she seeks to express and share, as she likes to say, the deepest intangible layers of her heart and soul. She is “painting” vocally and melodically the ethereal messages of her poetic images with her penetrating jet often melancholic voice in new and surprising ways. 

Being a singer-songwriter and a visual artist herself, she often likes to integrate visual images of her own making or other artists' collaborators into her concerts. To her, nature is an important theme in her music, and inspired by it Martris has published two CDs: Ballades of the East and Earth Chants which can be found on all the major world streaming services like Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, and Youtube. 

Songs of Nature, her new music project with guitarist John Verstegen is heartwarming, deeply felt, eclectic World music and a collection of songs ( her own and other known artists) inspired by nature. In this uplifting music by Martris and John, you will recognize the rhythms and melodies of South America, the Balkans, Ireland, and Africa. As well as influences of pop, jazz, and Bossanova.