Songs of Nature 

Songs of Nature by singer Martris and guitarist John Verstegen is heartwarming, deeply felt, eclectic world music and a collection of nature-inspired songs. With Martris and John, you will travel through the world landscape of melodies ​​and cultures. Inspired by what connects us as humans, in this uplifting music by Martris and John you will recognize the rhythms and melodies of the Balkans, South America, Ireland, and Africa. As well as influences of pop, jazz, and Bossanova.

25.03.2023.   New Music Video "TABU" 

25.08.2022.  Lecture about Park Sonsbeek and Music ROZET in Arnhem 

Leidsehofjes Concerten 2021 

Martris singing Zov Dubine 

 in acompaniment by Lex Pantelic

Music ROZET Library in Arnhem 

Song Morana by Martris and John 

Martris & John Verstegen 

 28.05.2022.  Hoogte80 Festival 2022 in Arnhem 

Music Video By the River / Kraj reke by Martris 

Singel Relase by Martris 'By the River' / Kraj reke