New Project Earth Chants CD

Earth Chants for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing
with Healing Voice, Shamanistic drums, percussions, and sounds of nature 

 In the last couple of mounts, I have been working on my new music project with a wonderful music designer, composer, and pianist Sharon Stewart. The first track is ready and will be released in the next month. 

Nature: for me, it’s like magic and a mystery. Where the healing begins and it is completed. Like coming home. Where I feel truly alive - deeply connected to my self and to the Earth.
In this first recording Tiho Spavaj,  I am particularly happy with the mesmerizing sounds of crickets in the background. They inspired us in creating a soft, and whispering like vocals in the ASMR fashion. It also inspired us in organizing vocals in a way that is free and spontaneous, yet organized, and cohesive: following the way cricket sounds are organized. I created this music peace as a meditative vocal healing improvisation that has two parts in it. The first part is invigorating, shamanistic like vocal improvisation. Here I was inspired by the ethnic melodies of East Europe. The second part is more soothing and calming- dreamlike. The recording is called It’s called “Tiho Spavaj” freely translated to “ Sleep Softly”.  It represents an energetic transition from the day to the night. From the invigorating sun energy to the reflective and calming energy of the moon.