Ballades of the East concert 2021
Leidsehofjesconcerten, Leiden, Nederlands 

Marina Trisic Martris

Ballads from the East

The music by singer-songwriter Marina Trisic from Serbia in collaboration with guitarist Lex Pantelic is contemporary world music inspired by Eastern European and Balkan folk tales, myths, and ballads. Lex Pantelic, originally specialized in light guitar music and strongly influenced by music from the Middle East and India, in this project Ballads from the East with marina Trisic interweaves world sounds from Asia to the Balkans.

The core and inspiration of Marina Trisic's vocal expression lie in ethnic musical techniques from the Balkans. With her heartfelt, tender, yet deeply penetrating and vibrant vocal sound, she seeks to redefine the deeper messages of her Balkan ethnic heritage and to share and communicate them wholeheartedly with the cultures of the West. 



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